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Current Offer

Summer School Catch up sessions for GCSE & A Level Students

Sessions available from 19th July to 3rd September 

6 x 1 hour sessions 

Character Study Sessions

Detailed character study sessions available

Understand what drives and motivates the Character you are playing 
Explore the emotions and motivations to help you deliver a rich and authentic performance
Explore the text and the story narrative to really get under the skin of the character/part

2 hour session 

Both Classic and some modern Plays  & Texts are available for Character study
Contact me to discuss the play / text you are interested in


Coming Soon! 

  • Poetry workshop for beginners

  • Speech Writing for weddings 

Ensure your wedding VIP's write and deliver a great speech

  • Grammar Refresher Course 

Improve your use and understanding of Grammar

  • Writers workshop

How to begin your journey as a writer

Contact me for more details

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